Criminals ‘Like’ on Facebook leads to his own arrest!!

In the 21st century, social media is something that has come to rule our lives. People of all ages and races are using social media websites, such as Facebook, for various reasons; teenagers tend to use it to follow their friends and celebrities latest movements, grandparents tend to use it as a form of communication with their technology obsessed grandchildren, companies use it to increase their networks, and now it seems that it can be used to help arrest adolescents for petty crimes.

Last July, vandalism (in the form of destruction and graffiti) was caused at the Surfing Championships being held on Huntington beach, and young Luis Enrique Rodriguez was one of the 25 suspects involved and being pursued by Huntington Beach Police Forces. Therefore, in order to step up their operation, the police decided that posting photos of these wanted troublemakers on their Facebook page would help them track down their targets.

18-year-old Rodriguez, a resident of Anaheim, California, came across this Facebook post a few weeks later. Rather than keeping in the dark, like  any sane person being pursued would, the youngster decided it would be a good idea to ‘Tag’ himself and then ‘Share’ this post with his entire Facebook network. Luis Enriques was wanted by the cops for writing the phrase ‘fuck the pigs’ on various police cars on the day of the previously mentioned Surfing Championship.

This stupid act of ‘tagging’ and ‘sharing’ gave police access to his Facebook and other data and records, which ultimately led to his arrest on 15th of august last year (2013). The officer that arrested him stated that Luis, who was at the time working in strip club, was ‘proud of his actions’ and was boasting to friends and family about the crimes he had committed. The crimes are yet to be charged, but no doubt it wont be much more than a slap on the wrist. Teenagers these days….

Our Advice: Teenage years often involve a lot of ignoring the system and mischievous law breaking. We just recommend that provoking is something that you avoid doing.


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